Word Introduction Training
Course Overview

The Microsoft Word Introduction Training course is designed to help you move smoothly through the task of creating professional-looking documents. In this course, you will learn the rich features and powerful tools that can make your work easy, and even fun. You will learn how to use Word to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents. The Word Introduction Training course will also help you prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification exams for Microsoft Word 2016 or 365/2019.

This course is for individuals using Word 365, 2019 or 2016 software. However, there are very few differences between the 365 and 2016 versions from an end-user's perspective. Our instructors have used all versions and will be able to quickly highlight the several small changes to the user interface. Users of any of the versions of Word will have no problem learning in the 2019 software environment.






Microsoft Word


1 Day(s)




Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification - Word 2016

To ensure success, you should be familiar with using personal computers, and have experience using a keyboard and mouse. You should be comfortable in the Windows 10 environment, and be able to use Windows to manage information on your computer. Specific tasks you should be able to perform include: launching and closing applications, navigating basic file structures, and managing files and folders. To meet this prerequisite, you can take the following course:

• Windows 10: Introduction

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