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Cloud Computing Classes in Live, Online

The Cloud Service Design, Deployment and Run course enables Senior (ITIL) Service Managers to design and deliver cloud services.

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Cloud computing is one of the hottest technical topics today, with broad-ranging effects across IT, Information Architecture, Business, Software Engineering, and Data Storage.

Learn about such fundamental distributed computing "concepts" for cloud computing. Some of these concepts include:Clouds, MapReduce, key-value stores, Classical precursors, Widely-used algorithms, Classical algorithms, Scalability and Trending areas.

Our cloud computing courses provide the training and knowledge required to effectively evaluate and assess the business and technical benefits of cloud computing and analyze cloud application use for your organization. Additionally, these courses will help you prepare for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Cloud Computing Certification Exam.

Live, Online Cloud Computing Training & Courses

Course Location
Cloud Service Manager Live, Online
Cloud Solutions Architect Live, Online
Cloud Technology Associate Live, Online
CCSP-Certified Cloud Security Professional Live, Online

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