Business Ethics
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Business Ethics

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In this full day live instructor-led class, you will learn about the decision-making process to solve ethical dilemmas, understanding barriers and consequences when making ethical decisions, and the process for blowing the whistle when unethical situations arise. Course activities also cover identifying common managerial ethical issues, being proactive with ethical issues, addressing subordinates' ethical issues, identifying causes of unethical behavior, recognizing unethical behavior, and ending unethical behavior in the workplace. Learners will also become proficient with organizational ethical principles and the four categories of corporate social responsibility. Finally, students will learn how to develop a code of ethics and execute an internal ethical audit. This course is filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.


• Ethical decisions
• The whistle-blowing process
• Managerial ethics
• Unethical behavior
• Organizational ethics


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Unit 1: Ethical decisions
• Topic A: Basics of business ethics
● Topic B: Making ethical decisions

Unit 2: Whistle-blowing
● Topic A: Whistle-blowing criteria and risks
● Topic B: The whistle-blowing process

Unit 3: Managerial ethics
● Topic A: Ethical management
● Topic B: Subordinates¿ ethical issues

Unit 4: Unethical behavior
● Topic A: Recognizing unethical behavior
● Topic B: Ending unethical behavior

Unit 5: Organizational ethics
● Topic A: Organizational ethics basics
● Topic B: Ethical principles
● Topic C: Ethical safeguards
● Topic D: Corporate social responsibilities

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