SharePoint for Business Process Automation

Course Overview

This three-day instructor-led course teaches business professionals how to take advantage of SharePoint's robust automated business processes. This course is designed to provide students with a deep dive into SharePoint automation ranging from working with documentation to managing records to full workflow processes and task tracking. Users that have some SharePoint knowledge will find this class perfect for learning and building on advanced SharePoint topics. The discussion begins with a quick review of SharePoint 2016 core concepts such as out-of-the-box apps. This session uses real-world scenarios and goes into detail on how to fully utilize Content Types that not only save users time and effort, but also allow business users to more efficiently organize, manage and handle important content. From there, the class transitions into Enterprise Content Management and SharePoint's toolset designed specifically for automating repetitive, everyday tasks. Students will learn the tools essential to automatically manage large sets of documents, record management, compliance and liability, and easily locate key documents. Once students have a solid foundation of basic and advanced tools, the class shifts to web based forms using InfoPath. In this section students explore form creation in InfoPath by creating List based forms as well as Library based forms. Students learn about InfoPath page design templates, how to use tables for layouts, and how to apply themes for branding. Students will also learn about field creation and form controls in InfoPath. The class will then explore more advanced InfoPath tools for validating user data entry in real time and formatting data based on user entry. Action based rules will also be covered for more advanced topics such as prepopulating fields for users, running server-side data calculations, and querying data connections. This section wraps up with the InfoPath Form Web Part in the web browser.

Next the course will explore the world of workflow. SharePoint 2013 workflow provides users with many exciting tools for fully integrated automated solutions. This class will use a real-world approach to out-of-the-box workflows for approval, feedback, issue tracking, collecting digital signatures and record retention processes. Students will learn how to implement a workflow from SharePoint Apps such as Lists and Libraries, from Content Types for specialization and from SharePoint Sites. Users will experience how workflows are integrated with Microsoft Office to create a seamless end user experience. This class will also study the methods of modifying workflow templates, as well as producing powerful custom workflows from scratch using SharePoint designer to solve actual issues in the work place. Students will learn how to assign events to start a workflow, apply logic through conditions, and employ actions as basic units of work. This course will additionally cover how to customize workflow email to create a rich, dynamic message complete with branding and layout. Students will learn the updated workflows of SharePoint 2013 compared to its predecessors, specifically the addition of loops and conditional stages.

Finally, students will learn how the many components of SharePoint 2016 come together to create a complete platform. This class will discuss the difference between a Site and a Page, as well as the Page types available in SharePoint 2016. Students learn about Web Parts, specifically which Web Parts are designed with automated processes in mind. They will also create Pages combining the power of Web Parts together with SharePoint Apps for tracking of important business activities. Each section of the class is followed up by practical and relevant hands-on exercises completed in a fully functional SharePoint 2016 Enterprise environment.
This class is designed for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 365 users. Labs are conducted in SharePoint 2016.








3 Day(s)




MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: SharePoint
MCSD - SharePoint Applications Certification

Although it is not mandatory, students who have completed the Introduction to SharePoint for End Users course have found it very helpful when completing this course.

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