Intermediate to Advanced SQL Programming
Course Overview

The Intermediate to Advanced SQL Programming course explores how to identify and use advanced querying techniques to manipulate and index tables. All hands-on work is ANSI SQL compliant and should work with SQL databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, MS Access, Informix, Sybase, or any other ANSI SQL compliant database. Join us and learn the skills you need to develop, analyze, and maintain data in structured, modern, and secure databases.

A company's success hinges on responsible and accurate database management. Organizations rely on highly available data to complete all sorts of tasks, from creating marketing reports and invoicing customers, to setting financial goals. Data professionals like analysts, developers, and architects are tasked with creating, optimizing, managing, and analyzing data from databases, with little room for error. When databases aren't built or maintained correctly, it's easy to mishandle or lose valuable data.






Oracle Database


2 Day(s)




Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate

An understanding of relational database design concepts and general knowledge of SQL.

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