SharePoint 2016 for Project Management
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SharePoint 2016 for Project Management

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SharePoint makes project management easy for any user who needs to collaboratively manage a project or participate in a project team. Recent versions of SharePoint empower users both novice and experienced, with everything from handling the lightest projects using the new project site template & features, to the more sophisticated approach managing enterprise portfolio projects integrating SharePoint with Project Server 2013. Now, any Project Manager has an easy way to coordinate resources, track tasks, manage team members and communicate with stakeholders about projects in real time across their organization in an effective, efficient way.
This SharePoint project management class is designed for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 365 users. Labs are conducted in SharePoint 2016.


Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:
• Understand how to use SharePoint 2016's full feature set of collaboration features
• Build and Use SharePoint 2016 Project sites & features
• Project Summary Web Part
• Visual timeline of the project's tasks
• Complete task schedule for a project
• Library for storing relevant project documents
• Notebook for quickly capturing and organizing information about the project
• Shared calendar for team events
• Ability to connect to the Project 2016 client application
• Build and Use Dashboards and Business Intelligence reports to give management visibility into projects
• Construct a PMIS using SharePoint to schedule planning, reporting and forecasting your project
• Allow project stakeholders instant access to critical project documents and information
• Facilitate project team meetings and communication flow with Team Sites
• Use SharePoint's built-in workflow capability to create custom workflows for your projects
• Develop standard project management processes using SharePoint's BPM capabilities
• Create custom lists, calendars, contacts and project tracking for each project
• Establish project tracking guidelines through SharePoint for all projects


Although it is not mandatory, students who have completed the self-paced Introduction to SharePoint for End Users course have found it very helpful when completing this course.


1. Introduction to SharePoint
• What is SharePoint?
• What's New in SharePoint 2016
• Hardware Requirements
• Software Requirements
• Licensing Options
• Hosting Options – On-Premise versus Office 365
• What is a Project Management Information System?
• Why SharePoint?

2. Organizing your Project Sites
• Understanding the SharePoint Hierarchy
• Creating Site Collections, Sites, and Sub-Sites
• Managing Security in SharePoint
• Creating Groups
• Managing Site/Project Members
• Setting up the "Access Request" Feature
• Customizing Permissions
• Information Architecture in SharePoint
• LAB: Creating PMO Site and Project Site

3. Managing Project Data with SharePoint Lists
• Out-of-Box List Templates
• Tasks Lists & Timelines
• Project Calendars
• Links & Promoted Links
• Project Announcements
• Discussion Boards
• Issue Tracking
• Surveys
• Creating Custom Lists
• Column Options
• List Options – Versioning, Content Approval, Ratings
• Creating Views
• Importing Data
• Tracking Project Milestones, Deliverables, and Risks with Custom Lists
• LAB: Working with Task Lists
• LAB: Working with Calendars, Issues, and Surveys
• LAB: Creating a Risk List and Deliverables List

4. Managing Documents with SharePoint Libraries
• Out-of-Box Libraries
• Document Library
• Form Library
• Wiki Pages
• Pictures
• Report Library
• Asset Library (Videos, Audio, Images)
• Organizing Project Documents with Metadata
• Using Document Sets
• Collaborating on Project Documents
• Check-in / Check-out
• Versioning
• Content Approval

LAB: Creating a Project Documents Library with Metadata
• Uploading Files
• Working with Versioning
• Working with Documents in Office
• Synchronizing files for Offline Use
LAB: Manage Project Requests using Document Sets

5. SharePoint Communities and Social Features
• My Sites and SharePoint Profiles
• Newsfeeds
• Following People, Documents, and Projects
• Community Sites
• Posting and Replies
• Membership
• Reputations, Badges, and Social Features
• LAB: Setting up your Profile and Newsfeed
• LAB: Creating and Managing a Community Site

6. SharePoint 2016 and Microsoft Office Integration
• Integrating with Microsoft Project
• Publishing Project Plans to SharePoint
• Managing Task Updates in SharePoint & Project
• Integrating with Microsoft Excel
• Integrating with Microsoft Outlook
• Integrating Task Data with Outlook
• Using the new integrated "Tasks" view in MySites
• Integrating Project Calendars with Outlook
• Integrating Discussion Boards with Outlook
• Integrating Contact Lists with Outlook
• Using Site Mailboxes
• LAB: Create and Manage Project Plans with SharePoint & Microsoft Project
• LAB: Integrating Project Data with Microsoft Outlook
• LAB: Using Site Mailboxes

7. Designing a Project Site
• Working with Pages
• Working with Web Parts
• Reusable Project Templates with Site Templates
• LAB: Design and Create a Full-Featured Project Site for your Team

8. Project Dashboards and Reports with Excel & Visio Services
Excel Services
Visio Services
LAB: Display Project Progress Charts with Excel Services
LAB: Interactive Project Process Document with Visio Services

9. Automating Approval and Other Processes with Workflows
• Configuring Out of Box Workflows
• Building Custom Workflows
LAB: Configure a Document Approval Workflow
LAB: Create a Custom "Change Control" Workflow for your Project

10. Agile / SCRUM Projects in SharePoint
Agile / SCRUM Concepts
• Product Backlogs
• Sprints
• Task Boards
• Daily Stand-up Meetings
• Burn charts and Reports
• LAB: Create a Product Backlog, a Task Board, and Sprints

LAB: Manage SCRUM Team Work in SharePoint

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