Access VBA Programming (2016, 2019, 365)
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Access VBA Programming (2016, 2019, 365)

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Microsoft Access 13292 3 Day(s) $1,125.00
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This course is designed for experienced Access users who want to learn ActiveX Data Objects, control structures, and the basics of VBA programming.


Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Work with objects, use Object Browser, identify collection objects, and use the Controls collection.
• Manipulate data by declaring variables, combine data by using expressions, get user input, create Sub and Function procedures, and call one procedure from another.
• Use decision structures and use loop structures.
• Identify ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) architecture and collections, connect to a database, work with a Recordset, and create a parameter query


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Getting Started
• Introduction to Programming in Access
• Why Program in Access?
• Understanding the Development Environment
• Using Visual Basic Help

Working with Procedures and Functions
• Understanding Modules
• Creating a Standard Module
• Understanding Procedures
• Creating a Sub Procedure
• Calling Procedures
• Using the Immediate Window to Call Procedures
• Creating a Function Procedure
• Naming Procedures
• Organizing Code and Procedures
• Working with the Code Editor

Understanding Objects
• Understanding Classes and Objects
• Navigating the Access Object Hierarchy
• Understanding Collections
• Using the Object Browser
• Working with the Application Object
• Understanding the Form Object
• Working with Properties
• Using the With Statement
• Working with Methods
• Understanding the DoCmd Object
• Working with Events
• Understanding the Order of Events

Using Expressions, Variables, and Intrinsic Functions
• Understanding Expressions and Statements
• Declaring Variables
• Understanding Data Types
• Working with Variable Scope
• Working with Variable Lifetime
• Considering Variable Scope and Lifetime Together
• Using Intrinsic Functions
• Understanding Constants
• Using Intrinsic Constants
• Using Message Boxes
• Using Input Boxes

Controlling Program Execution
• Understanding Control-of-Flow Structures
• Working with Boolean Expressions
• Using the If...End If Decision Structures
• Using the Select Case...End Select Structure
• Using the For...Next Structure
• Using the For Each...Next Structure
• Using the Do...Loop Structure
• Guidelines for use of Branching Structures

Working with Recordsets
• Declaring and Creating Object Variables
• Working with the DAO Recordset Object

Debugging Code
• Understanding Errors
• Using Debugging Tools
• Setting Breakpoints
• Setting Break Expressions
• Using Break Mode during Run Mode
• Stepping through Code
• Determining the Value of Expressions

Handling Errors
• Understanding Error Handling
• Understanding VBA's Error Trapping Options
• Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
• Understanding the Err Object
• Writing an Error-Handling Routine
• Working with Inline Error Handling

Appendix - Working with the ADO Recordset Object

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