ICND2-Interconnecting CISCO Network Devices 3.0 Part 2
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ICND2-Interconnecting CISCO Network Devices 3.0 Part 2

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In this course, you will learn how to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot a small enterprise network. Key additions to this latest revision include; understanding of Quality of Service (QoS) elements and their applicability, how virtualized and cloud services will interact and impact enterprise networks, along with an overview of network programmability, and the related controller types and tools that are available to support software defined network architectures.


Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
· Install, operate, and troubleshoot a medium-sized network, including connecting to a WAN and implementing network security.
· Describe the effects of new technologies such as IoE, IoT, IWAN, and SDN on network evolution.
· Operate a medium-sized LAN with multiple switches, supporting VLANs, trunking, and spanning tree
· Troubleshoot IP connectivity
· Describe how to configure and troubleshoot EIGRP in an IPv4 environment, and configure EIGRP for IPv6
· Configure and troubleshoot OSPF in an IPv4 environment and configure OSPF for IPv6
· Define characteristics, functions, and components of a WAN
· Describe how device management can be implemented using the traditional and intelligent ways.


To ensure the successful completion of this course, we recommend the following:

• Skills and knowledge equivalent to those learned in Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1)


Module 1: Implementing Scalable Medium-Sized Networks
• Troubleshooting VLAN Connectivity
• Building Redundant Switched Topologies
• Improving Redundant Switched Topologies with EtherChannel
• Understanding Layer 3 Redundancy

Module 2: Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity
• Troubleshooting IPv4 Network Connectivity
• Troubleshooting IPv6 Network Connectivity

Module 3: Implementing an EIGRP-Based Solution
• Implementing EIGRP
• Implementing EIGRP for IPv6
• Troubleshooting EIGRP

Module 4: Summary Challenge
• Implementing and Troubleshooting Scalable Medium-Sized Network -1
• Implementing and Troubleshooting Scalable Medium-Sized Network -2

Module 5: Implement a Scalable OSPF-Based Solution
• Understanding OSPF
• Implementing Multiarea OSPF IPv4
• Implementing OSPFv3 for IPv6
• Troubleshooting Multiarea OSPF

Module 6: Wide-Area Networks
• Understanding WAN Technologies
• Understanding Point-to-Point Protocols
• Configuring GRE Tunnels
• Configuring Single-Homed EBGP

Module 7: Network Device Management
• Implementing Basic Network Device Management and
• Evolution of Intelligent Networks
• Introducing QoS
Module 8: Summary Challenge
• Implementing and Troubleshooting Scalable Multiarea
• Implementing and Troubleshooting Scalable Multiarea Network -2

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