Excel Power User (2016, 2019, 365)
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Excel Power User (2016, 2019, 365)

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Microsoft Excel 13554 2 Day(s) $750.00
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This two-day class offers the "best of" topics from our series of Excel classes:
- Excel Introduction (just tips and short-cuts from this class)
- Excel Charts Formatting and Reporting
- Excel Database Features and Pivot Tables
- Excel Workbooks, Formulas and Functions
- Excel Macros (Supplemental Hand-out)

This jam-packed, fast-paced class provides an overview of the most powerful and time-saving Excel techniques. In addition, you will receive a complete 5-volume set of Excel course materials from the above courses (with related data files).

With this complete reference library you will be able follow along in class as well as review additional topics that were not covered in the two-day event. Individuals preparing for their MOS Certification who need a quick Excel refresher class might also find this course of interest.


· Format a Worksheet
· Apply Number Formats
· Align Cell Contents
· Apply Styles and Themes
· Apply Basic Conditional Formatting
· Create and Use Templates
· Visualize data by using basic charts
· Modify and Format Charts
· Use Advanced Chart Features


This class is not for beginning Excel users. The typical candidate for this class will be either self-taught or will have had some formal training in Excel and will have used Excel for 2 or more years.


Getting Started
Working with the Ribbon
Exploring the File Tab
Working with the Quick Access Toolbar
Using Excel Help – Tell Me
Entering Data
Selecting a Range of Cells
Using Auto Fill to Enter Data

Using Formulas
Entering Formulas
Using Auto Fill with Formulas
Using AutoSum

Printing Worksheets
Using Page Setup Tools
Working in Page Layout View
Using Page Break Preview

Creating Charts
Creating a Chart
Changing the Chart Location and Size
Changing the Chart Type
Modifying Chart Elements
Formatting Chart Elements
Adding and Removing a Data Series
Applying a Chart Filter

Working with Charts
Creating a Hierarchy Chart
Creating a Histogram
Creating a Pareto Chart
Creating a Box and Whisker Chart
Creating a Waterfall Chart
Creating a Combo Chart
Creating a Sparkline
Creating and Using a Chart Template
Creating a Dashboard

Using Styles, Themes, and Templates
Working with Cell Styles
Merging Styles
Using Themes
Using Templates
Creating a Template

Working with Formatting
Creating and Using Custom Formats
Applying Conditional Formatting
Creating a New Conditional Formatting Rule
Using the Quick Analysis Tool

Using Excel Data in Other Office Applications
Understanding Pasting, Linking and Embedding
Pasting an Excel Range into a Word Document
Pasting an Excel Chart into a Word Document
Pasting an Excel Range into PowerPoint
Pasting an Excel Chart into PowerPoint
Creating a Chart in Word or PowerPoint

Working with Workbooks
Editing a Group
Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
Creating Linked Formulas
Viewing Multiple Worksheets
Using Absolute Cell References
Creating Linked Formulas between Workbooks

Working with Financial and Date Functions
Using Financial Functions
Using Date Functions

Working with Logical Functions
Using the IF Function
Nesting Functions
Using Multiple Conditions with the IF Function
Nesting IF Functions

Working with Lookup and Reference Functions
Using HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
Using the MATCH Function
Using the INDEX Function
Nesting the INDEX and MATCH Functions

Using Lists
Creating and Using Absolute Named Ranges
Freezing and Unfreezing Panes
Using Functions with Lists

Using Table Features
Creating a Table
Filtering a Table
Creating a Slicer
Working with the Total Row
Creating a Calculated Column

Working with Data
Importing Data from a Text File
Using Flash Fill
Connecting to Data in an Access Database

Creating and Working with PivotTables
Creating a PivotTable using Worksheet Data
Creating a PivotTable using an External Data Connection
Using a Report Filter
Using VLOOKUP to Add a Column to a List

Enhancing PivotTables
Working with Summary Functions
Creating a Slicer
Grouping Data
Creating a Calculated Field
Creating a PivotChart

Analyzing Data
Using Automatic Outlining
Inserting Subtotals
Creating an Advanced Filter
Using the Quick Analysis Tool

Excel Macros
Working with Macro
Recording a Macro
Creating a Macro Button

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